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About Consortium «Kodeks»

If you have business in Russia and you are looking for Russian Legislation - welcome to our website.

Founded in 1991 the Legal Information Consortium «Kodeks» unites more than 350 Russian companies such as KODEKS Company which provides legal information and software products. Also we own Techexpert brand. Under this trademark you can find normative-technical documentation. Consortium «Kodeks» has been working at the legislative data sector of the software market, originally specializing in generating legal and normative-technical systems.

We expand the range of services to meet the increasingly global needs of our clients. KODEKS Professionals legal system is a fundamental instrument for decision- making on legal issues:

  • Automated Systems of Document Flow Management
  • Developing of Information processing systems, Internet/Intranet solutions, document depositories and text information retrieval systems.
  • Electronic data systems NTI (normative technical information)
  • Publishing
  • Information products for personnel services, for chefs and lawyers, bookkeepers and financiers, medicine and public health services

Techexpert Information Network offers its subscribers:

  • a wide range of updatable electronic reference systems of normative and technical information developed by Consortium Kodeks;
  • custom-made collections of electronic documents containing GOST state standards, SNiP construction norms and rules, sanitary norms and rules and other normative and technical documentation;
  • access to most comprehensive database of international, national standards and standards developed by leading industrial associations, including ISO, IEC, ITU, CEN/CENELEC, ETSI, EASC, ANSI, BSI, DIN, GOST R, ANFOR, ASTM, ASME, API, IEEE, SAE etc.
  • development of design documentation and documents on labor protection on a by-order basis;
  • Consulting service, providing professional consultations to specialists involved in construction, labor protection, industrial safety and fire safety management.