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About the Business law of Russia section

The legal-information systems “Kodeks” incorporate deferent sections of database. The section "Business law of Russia" unites normative acts of Russian Federation translated in English. Present section includes legal acts necessary for creation, reorganization and elimination of enterprises, implementation of entrepreneurial activity, organization the fabrication.

Attention! Some of the documents have being included in the database without text. They are marked in title as [without text]. By the way they contain information about the document: name, number, date of adoption, etc. You can see full text documents in actual edition marked in title as [complete text].

The legal-information system «Kodeks» has various opportunities of search. To any information materials in a database there are some ways. Depending on a problem you can choose optimal of them:

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS - the section that contains basic statutory acts or the most frequently used documents of Russian legislation. At an entrance on page "The Most important documents" you can see the short list in which it is easily possible to choose required documents.
  • SEARCH ON ITEMS TREE - is recommended in case you need to receive the list of documents of the certain thematic orientation. Work with the items is very simple: you move from names of high items to internal and choose necessary ones. Having taken advantage of a label "All items", you can pass from hierarchical representation of the thematic qualifier to alphabetic. In the received list you can search by typing a required context directly from the keyboard.
  • ATTRIBUTE SEARCH - is recommended in case you know any attributes of the document (number, date of adoption, etc.) or you definitely can reproduce a context. By pressing the button "Attribute", placed on page of the unit, is deduced a dialogue window with the list of search attributes. Search values for each attribute can be chosen from the list entered earlier or from suggested dictionary, which is opened if to click the left button of the mouse on a field of input of value of attribute. Having finished drawing up of inquiry about search, press button "Search".
  • Work with INTELLECTUAL SEARCH is extremely simply. Press the button "Intellectual search" on page of the unit, the window of dialogue will appear. Enter a search phrase into an empty field. For the beginning of search press the button "Search", and after a while the list of the documents satisfying your query will be deduced.

A legal-information systems has value only in the event that it contains the actual information. The review of news of the legislation, daily updated on the site and weekly in "Business law of Russia" section, contains the information on the legal acts accepted in the Russian Federation. News are supplied with links to new documents, so users have an opportunity to hold a hand on pulse of legal life of Russia.

Good luck!